The Guardian Newspaper Readers’ Campaign To Eradicate FGM – Your Views / Advice On ACTIONS Needed, Please!

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11.04.17 red centre  004aIn January 2014 the Guardian Newspaper is to launch a campaign to eradicate female genital mutilation (FGM).  This will include not just reports about what is happening right now, but also asking how FGM can be stopped in the UK and globally within a generation, and what we can all do to make this happen. In preparation for this campaign, the Guardian is inviting people in Britain and around the world to advise on how to abolish the practice forever.

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The FGM Agenda Is Moving Fast (And Positively)

Redlands FGM

Commentary and reports about FGM are now being added to the literature very rapidly.  For up-to-the-minute information and opinion on what’s happening in the UK

** please see here **.

The #NoFGM Daily News (a free on-line resource) also carries reports every day from around the world on items about FGM shared on Twitter – brings many British, regional and global organisations and developments into focus. Please add hashtag #FGM to be included.

Hilary Burrage, the writer / editor of this website, can be contacted direct via email, here.     (Please leave both email and phone contact details if you can.)

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Co-ordinating Developments To Stop FGM

Much praise to you Hilary for launching this e-petition and purpose-specific website and, more generally, for your initiative and huge investment of time and effort to increase awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM) in the UK, and to urge the Government to do everything possible to eradicate this practice.

I’m sure your articles and tireless tweets on the subject [@NoFGM1 / #NoFGM] have brought this issue to the attention of many people who would otherwise not have been aware of it or have troubled themselves with it.

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The HM Government Direct E-Petition To ‘STOP FGM In Britain’

Please if you possibly can sign this e-petition (for UK citizens), posted 25 June 2012 on the HM Government website:

STOP Female Genital Mutilation (FGM / ‘cutting’) in Britain

… and then please also ask everyone you know to sign the e-petition as well.  The petition will be open for signing for one year.      Thank you.

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#NoFGM: A Listing For [UK] Action & References On Female Genital Mutilation

There should be absolutely no reason for this website to exist; but whilst the necessity to advance the ‘No FGM in UK‘ message remains, this post is offered as a way to record lobbying, and what is actually being done, to halt the risk of genital mutilation to at least two children in Britain, every hour, every day – horrifically, that’s well over 20,000 small girls in the UK p.a..  You are welcome to share in the Comments box (following the link below) any information about, or actions taken to prevent, FGM in the UK. Please tell others too that their contributions will be very welcome.

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